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Sources of News and Commentary

A Few of the Major US Newspapers

New York Times
Washington Post
Los Angeles Times
Boston Globe
Christian Science Monitor

Foreign Newspapers

Guardian, London
The Independent, London
(...especially Robert Fiske's Column!)
Agence France Presse
Haaretz (Israel)
Palestine Chronicle
(see the sidebars of for a list of many more
international newspapers available free, in English, online)

Other News Sources

BBC News
Greg Palast (Investigative journalist for the BBC)

KPFA (94.1 FM broadcasting from Berkeley, CA or listen online)
KFCF (88.1 FM broadcasting from Fresno, CA or listen online)
Democracy Now
Free Speech Radio News
Indy Media Center--First-hand reporting and commentary
Google News--An aggregation of links to stories from
a wide variety of international papers.

Our Favorites: from Poll of Members of the Progressive Writers Bloc

Der Spiegel
My Way News
Progressive Review
Common Dreams
American Prospect
Mother Jones
Z Magazine
The Other Israel
Gush Shalom
Organic Consumers Assn
Co-op America
Generation Green
Union of Concerned Scientists
Southern Poverty Law Center
Democracy Now
Media Matters for America

Voter Information, an excellent nonpartisan site
sponsored by the League of Women Voters, another similarly
excellent informational site

Office of the Democratic Whip in Congress,
a source for information on significant current legislation.


Common Dreams
Global Exchange
Public Citizen
Responsible Wealth
United For A Fair Economy

A progressive media-watch group

Progressive Review
Move On

Indy Media Center
Anyone who is witness to news being made can contribute to this forum.
Indy Media, Israel
Electronic Intifada

Smirking Chimp
The Onion
Global Policy Forum
Tom Paine

Retro Poll
Most pollsters ask questions and get responses from people who are totally ignorant about the subject.
Retro Poll does the same, but then they explain the item and ask again. It is amazing how much
people's opinions change when they understand what is being asked.

The Crisis Papers
Center for International Policy
Institute for Policy Studies
Foreign Policy in Focus
Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Veterans for Common Sense
Voices in the Wilderness
United For Peace

Chickenhawk Database
We don't necessarily take the position that people who avoid the military are "chicken", but when
the military avoider turns around and becomes a cheerleader for war, the hypocrisy justifies the term.
What is particularly noteworthy is how many of our current generation of hawkish politicians
(starting at the top with George W. Bush) actively avoided the military themselves.

Dissident Voice
Addicted to War
Bush Watch

Other Articles, Links, and lists of Links

Ivan's Place
Bill Becker's own commentary site. Bill was very involved with Central American
issues in the 1980's and has written articles reflecting solid research on a variety of topics.

Eurolegal Services
An awesome site on all things EU,
+ good material on how we are viewed abroad

Better World Info.
A massive list of links to Peace Groups and other NGO's

European Human Rights Centre

Heather Wokusch's annotated list of links

Center for Cooperative Research

Columbia Journalism Review
and its "Who Owns What" webpage

John Stockwell speech transcripts

List of US interventions since 1775

"Why the Anti-War Movement Should Support the Palestinian Struggle"

"The US and Iraq In Historical Perspective"

"The Devil's Tears"

Project Censored
Top 25 underreported stories for the year
List of Project Censored's favorite web sites
South Valley Peace Center

Approval Rating Graphs and Other Polling Data

Rate Yourself

Political Compass is a quiz to help you understand your position on the political spectrum, but it is more than that. It looks at the traditional left-right economic dimension, but it uses a separate scale to measure authoritarian vs. libertarian tendencies. This is an important distinction. For instance both Stalin and Gandhi were on the left, but they are far apart on the authoritarian scale. Hitler was a moderate on questions of economics, but an extremist on the authoritarian scale.

(If I have left out your favorite news or progressive commentary links, please bring them to my attention.




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